That's right, the way to pronounce my name is
"WOO-TSYAH"... why? Cause I am polish! I was born in Poland and came to America in 2002! 

I consider myself lucky to be able to have found what I loved and want to do for the rest of my life. I've been doing hair through out middle and high school. It wasn't until the last months of my senior year it hit me, I kinda want to do hair for work! WHY NOT!
And hey! It worked out! So follow what you lean more towards, I'm all for trusting your gut instinct. So if you think that's the career/partner/risk/menu item you should go for then... yeah do it!

My name is... "wootsyah"

Do you remember the movie The Hunger Games? I loved the Katniss braid, and that year I wanted to be her for Halloween(I was 13 years old!). So I recreated her look and braid. Long story short, I got really good feedback on my braid and kept braiding my hair in different ways for 3 years

Throughout high school, I advanced my styling from braids to updos for proms and homecoming!

The end of senior year rolls around and I get HIT with the realization, I WANT to do hair for as long as I can! I received my cosmetology license and grew more in love and passion to create the most PERFECT bridal hairstyles!

Thank you for following alongside with me on this journey and I am so so excited for what our future has in store!

the journey

| Seafood.... sorry everybody
| Scary movies, ahhh!
| Listening to the instagram algorithm
| Tight jeans
| Oily hair, I feel as if there is no solution but just to wash it :(


| JESUS! No life without HIM
| Long skirts and flowy dresses in the spring time
| Having pink hair, I feel better this way!
| Cameron, my future husband, so cheesy hehe
| Fresh flowers in my room